Forget discomfort! Live peacefully in a gorgeous space

We do the best interior trim services; not only do we do a fast and efficient job to make your space look perfect, but you will have at your disposal an attentive and professional team for competitive prices.

Instead of staying unhappy, enjoy the opportunity to change your space and make it more beautiful, pleasant and safe for your entire family!

How it works

Interior trim hides rough cuts and edges in plaster and drywall around windows and doors, and at the floor-wall or ceiling-wall junction; they add architectural appeal to your home, and a high quality trim indicates better infrastructure quality.

Our professionals have years of experience in the market, this is why we use advanced techniques in order to ensure that you will receive a flawless and satisfactory result.


Would you like to see your house interior gorgeous, just as you have always dreamed?

Below you will see a list of what we offer to make your house interior stunning

Quality and excellence

We use the best tools and techniques to perform the service for which we were hired. We have experience in the market, and we know what works and what does not.

We offer personalized services according to your needs

We take each service seriously, make an estimate and create a customized project to solve all your needs in order to deliver high quality results.

We follow an organization and cleaning protocol

After we finish our work, we follow a protocol where the client gives the final word about the service we performed. Every part we work on is presented to the client for approval. We respect your investment and want you to be satisfied.

All deadlines are met

VMS Home Painting respects your home and your family, doing our work quickly and on time without losing efficiency.

Quality services

We offer quality materials, excellent services and a professional team specialized in many types of services. This, along with our wish to bring satisfaction to our clients, has allowed us to expand our business along the years. We follow painting procedures developed to create a more harmonious and elegant environment. We work with quality, agility, organization, and cleanliness.



VMS Home Painting started in 2004. With more than 16 years in the market, our biggest goal is to expand our business even more and bring our knowledge and professionalism to every corner of the US.
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